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Merchandise Planning

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Our effective product mix and merchandising placement plans reduce unnecessary inventory, increase product turnover and enhance retail revenue.

Merchandise Survey & Analysis

Without a clear understanding of the retail side of your business, you could be missing an opportunity to increase store traffic and generate more revenue. Our team will work with you to understand the revenue-to-space ratio in the front of your store to maximize the space allotted to the most profitable departments and products.

Customized Department and Section Layouts

After we’ve determined the most profitable areas of your store, we’re able to create a predictable traffic flow that will anchor the layout of each department. This allows us to place impulse driven products along those heavily trafficked areas and move demand-driven items along the less traveled interior.

Our focus is getting the right products in the right places to increase the average ticket for each customer.

Merchandising Project Management

As the vision of the stores comes to life in the form of a design, our merchandisers will conduct surveys with team the lead for the front end, analyze available sales data based on your P.O.S. reports, and create a customized department plan specific to the needs of your business.


By pulling all of this together into a single department plan, we’re able to place items in optimal locations based upon the predetermined traffic flow created in the design as well as the information gathered in the initial steps of the process.

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